Darken pencil drawing quick in Photoshop

You draw something nice, scan it, and the image is very faint. Annoying.

I have a solution for that, which works me better than Brightness/Contrast or Levels, and it takes ca. two minutes.

It looks like this before and after:

Darken pencil drawing in Photoshop_1

And you should do this:

– here is an image as example, open in Photoshop

Darken pencil drawing in Photoshop_2

– create a copy of the layer (Background)
=> left click on the layer and drag to the little paper icon next to the trash icon,
=> or right click and Duplicate Layer
– click on the new layer then Image / Adjustments / Exposure
– there are three values, the slider is normally in the middle everywhere
– I set the Exposure value usually between +0,2 and +0,3; to the image above I used +0,25
– leave the second value in the middle
– change the third value too, I prefer between 0,5-0,7; to the example I set 0,6
– the point of this whole process is to practically whiten the background and keep just the important lines. It looks ugly, but it’s not the end result, so no panic. It looks usually something like this:

Darken pencil drawing in Photoshop_3

– the last step is to change the layer mode on the layer panel from Normal to Multiply
– and it’s done, check the result:

Darken pencil drawing in Photoshop_4

It was quick, wasn’t it? I show you three more examples to illustrate how much matters this little trick:

Darken pencil drawing in Photoshop_5

Do you know something better? Write it, let us learn!
Got stuck? Ask in a comment, I’ll help!

Fantasy wardrobe 8: Bras 2

Inspiration for fantasy character dresses - Fantasy wardrobe 8 - Bras 2

Nice image, but what is it for?

In the Fantasy wardrobe category you’ll find images that give you inspiration for your character’s clothing or armor. You can draw exactly like these or improve the ideas as you will. Use the details in your drawing that you like.

30 day challenge – every day a sketch – 21-30. day

I think this challenge is a great inspiration game. I think most of my drawings are quite boring. But there are some, which I like and they are dear to my heart, and I want to draw them later digitally.

It can come in handy for example in creative crisis. If we are “forced” to draw, there will be something anyway, and there will be some from the thirty drawing we like. Later the only thing we have to do to take the better sketches and draw them in detail.

21. drawing – Clarissa

21. day: Clarissa – a magician, whose power is concentrated in her stick. There are crystals at both ends of the stick, these collect the energy, plus there are two blades as well, just for sure. :) Her dress and boots are made of split leather.

22. drawing – Bregje

22. day: Bregje – a pretty sexy leopard girl. :) She is maybe a shapeshifter, who can’t transform completely to a human form.

23. drawing – Alondra

23. day: Alondra – a warrior, who served the dark forces before, but she changed sides, and now she protects who she had to hunt before. (Guess from whom she has fallen away!)

24. drawing – Fatima

24. day: Fatima – she appeared at a masquerade ball as a beautiful woman, but she is in fact a hag, her fingernails betray her true nature. She hunts for a gallant whom she will sacrifice at the next rite.

25. drawing – Theresa

25. day: Theresa – an earth elemental, following her footsteps the earth revives, she is one of Gaia’s’ helpers.

26. drawing – Iyanna

26. day: Iyanna – a fairy, who enjoys the sunshine on a flower, similar to a sunflower.

27. drawing – Astrid

27. day: Astrid – her dress was inspired by Lara croft, she is kind of a superheroine.

28. drawing – Dasia

28. day: Dasia – her defensive power is in her pendant, she can create a strong, aura-like shell around herself.

29. drawing – Cali

29. day: Cali – a kind of warrior. Originally I imagined that the whip is from glowing blue energy bar.

30. drawing – Lorena

30. day: Lorena – the angel of desire and sensuality.

And that’s it. Opinions, critiques are welcome, who do you love, who don’t, and why… don’t spare me! :)
Do you have persistence to go through a challenge like this? Let’s prove ;)

30 day challenge – every day a sketch – 11-20. day

It was quite various in time how much I spent for a drawing. At least a half hour was necessary for most of them, even these are just sketches. Sometimes it took an hour, if I got hardly inspired, or I worked more on the details. But it happened also, that I could imagine everything in advance, and I was done in 10 minutes.

(I don’t write these by heart, when I made the challenge I noticed my experiences :)

11. drawing – Isabel

11. day: Isabel – she symbolizes the imagination. There will be modern glassy buildings in the background. But inside her cloak is another world, with unicorns, phoenix birds, mermaids and fabulous landscape.

12. drawing – Waneta

12. day: Waneta – a kind of water elemental, her hair is green, and there are shells, snail shells and coral pieces in it, and water rises from her hair, which merges with the sea.

13. drawing – Macy

13. day: Macy – a fairy, who can create a protecting shield around herself. The color of the shield is silvery-blue, her dress could be any ground or pastel color.

14. drawing – Kyla

14. day: Kyla – a mermaid, who was seriously injured while trying to escape. She cut her arm, the scales were torn out in several places, and her fins are torn as well. This is the price she paid to escape.

15. drawing – Nyasia

15. day: Nyasia – she is an Egyptian sorceress queen.

16. drawing – Shawna

16. day: Shawna – a fire elemental, who makes the forest on fire, which must be cleansed.

17. drawing – Desiree

17. day: Desiree – a cruel demon, who massacred a whole village, there are the ruins in fire in the background. The lots of spilled blood colored the lake red next to the village, she leaves through this. The lots of blood on her body are from her victims.

18. drawing – Ericka

18. day: Ericka – a magician at the edge of life and death. In the upper world she stands in a beautiful lush green forest, the sunlight filters through the foliage. In the bottom world the trees are burned out, bare, the brown leaves are on the ground. She stands in water, the other world reflects on the surface of the water.

19. drawing – Katrina

19. day: Katrina – she is a witch apprentice, who is now practicing, she develops her skill to create energy spheres.

20. drawing – Luanna

20. day: Luanna – she is the spirit of the Moon. Digitally painted the frame could be fancier, the phases of the moon could displayed on it. The background inside of the frame could be a nebula, or a crystal-like light background. Her dress is just slightly translucent, ethereal.

Soon come the last 10 pictures. How much do you draw generally? Could/would you spend 30 minutes a day for it?

30 day challenge – every day a sketch – 1-10. day

Last year in April, I made a 30 day challenge thanks to a TED video. At that time I haven’t used my pencils so much, so I had the idea to draw a sketch every day for a month.

However I haven’t followed this habit after the challenge :) it was a great experience, so it was worth to try. Between these 30 drawings there are quite bad ones, but good ones as well. I wanted to make just sketches, but sometimes I spent pretty much time with the drawing, working on details.

And it seems I can draw a character just on the way to give them name and story. Once I had a story and then drew it, other times I started to draw and meanwhile I figured out, who they are. So, it’s story time :)

1. drawing – Ramira

1. day: Ramira – she is an assassin, who came from a parallel dimension to liquidate a healer. She just enters through the gate, her own world is grim and dark. Her dress could be black or purple, and she could be tattooed… I know, I know, lots of clichés, but it was just the first day :)

2. drawing – Milda

2. day: Milda – she is a half-elf, with elf father and human mother. She is now on watch, standing on the tree and watching who enters on their land.

3. drawing – Tara

3. day: Tara – a more than 300 years old vampire. She attracts her preys with her seduction, she is now hunting for dinner. There are bite marks on her neck, but her teeth are not visible. Her dress and one shoe are bloody due to the previous menu, but the next prey won’t have time to notice this.

4. drawing – Briana

4. day: Briana – a witch, and her wolf. That’s it :)

5. drawing – Ryta

5. day: Ryta – I imagined her like a manga character, with flying blond hair and techno wings.

6. drawing – Valerye

6. day: Valerye – a demon, but in a human body. She tempts us to go with her behind the curtains, but in the dark about a dozen of demons is waiting to take our soul.

7. drawing – Selene

7. day: Selene – a sorceress, in a strange, black imbricated outfit, which is part her skin, part a dress.

8. drawing – Ieva

8. day: Ieva – she is a siren, who can take human form on land, and she can lure the sailors to herself. She stands on the cliff, the waves wash up around her. Her skin is slightly blue-tinged, and the scales on her body are bluish-green or bluish-purple.

9. drawing – Marisa

9. day: Marisa – a witch, who is playing with energy rings, such as hula hooping with them.

10. drawing – Elsa

10. day: Elsa – some kind of sorceress, her hair can be silver-white, and little ghosts floating around her.

The sequel comes soon :) What do you think, which of these is the best?

Inspiration board: famous people with blue eyes

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You will realize in short term, how much I’m enamored of the eyes. Almost fanatically. The eyes are wonderful part of the human body and they always enchant me. On the one hand how the glance speaks, the good old “window to the soul” effect.

On the other hand their variety amazes me, there aren’t two same in shape, color and pattern. I could analyze all day long, how is the pattern of the iris, the distribution of fibers, is the color smooth or are there little spots and so on. But whatever the details are, the conclusion is always the same: they are beautiful!

And very inspiring. That’s why I created a Pinterest board including 24 beautiful pair of famous blue eyes.

I will make boards with the other colors, and expand it as well over time. And therefore famous people, because there are many-many images on the web of them. But I say, I looove the eyes, it will be here many stuff in this topic :)

Any suggestions in this gallery? It can be extended indefinitely, let’s write me names!

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Rövid távon rá fogtok jönni, hogy mennyire odavagyok a szemekért. Szinte fanatikusan. Csodálatos része az emberi testnek, és engem mindig megbabonáz. Egyrészt ahogy beszél a tekintet, ugye a jó öreg „a szem a lélek tükre” hatás.

Másrészt lenyűgöz a változatosságuk, nincs két ugyanolyan forma, szín és mintázat. Naphosszat tudnám elemezni, hogy az íriszeknek milyen a mintázata, a rostok eloszlása, egyenletes-e a színe vagy vannak-e benne foltocskák, stb. De bármilyenek is a részletek, a következtetés mindig ugyanaz: gyönyörűek!

És nagyon inspirálóak. Ezért készítettem egy Pinterest táblát 24 gyönyörű kék sztárszempárról.

Lesz majd a többi színnel is, és idővel ezt is fogom bővíteni. És azért híres emberek, mert róluk rengeteg képanyag van a neten. De mondom, imádom a szemeket, lesz még itten sok minden a témában :)

Kit ajánlanátok még ebbe a galériába? Bármeddig bővíthető, ezért jöjjenek azok a nevek!

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Without any idea, I sat down one day with a blank paper and I should draw something decision and this was the result:

Fantasy drawing about Drina

About the drawing

When I started to draw, the first idea was to create wings, and after the dragon wings shape the main theme was decided. I didn’t use any references for her dress, I just drew what I felt good.

The things on her legs and arms are there because I felt them too empty, it needed some decoration there. For a similar reason she has spikes on her body. I wasn’t sure to draw the scales, I erased them many times, but finally I convinced myself that it will be nice.

The last major element was the frame, although I wanted some decoration on it as well, but I didn’t like any attempts. Finally I left it simple, but I think if I paint it later digitally, it will get some decoration. Maybe I will try to paint a fireball in her right hand, which makes the frame on fire and it runs all the way to the left wing. Or something like that.

About the character

I devised Drina’s name and personality meanwhile drawing, and added to Daiva’s world.

She is a sorceress and shapeshifter, she can transform to a dragon. But the continuous transformation and carnage have consequences: she can’t turn back completely to a human.
Her body is covered in more and more with scales, spikes and membranes remain on her skin. The only useful consequence is to keep the wings, because she can fly also in her (half-)human form.

Drina is very strong and merciless, she has a little own realm, and it’s not good to get in her way or confront her. However, Daiva’s appearance will affect her life as well.

I plan to paint it digital, but I have no idea about the color scheme.
What do you think, how should I paint her? With warm colors, natural skin tone and lots of red and orange? Or more like cold tones, with bluish skin and purple scales?